When it comes to your well-being...

Stay on the safe side!

You don’t have to turn your daily life upside down just to protect yourself. Our assortment  is a solid proof for that: We offer you a selection of simple but essential products - which can all make a big difference.

Whether disinfection, hygiene or fitness - finding a basic that works for you is easy... because they work for everyone! Adults, children and seniors likewise can use these starter packs efficiently. Let’s bring convenience and a safe feeling in your life!

Doing Good Where We Can

Why Talory Is Making Masks

We're not healthcare workers, nor are we essential to feeding the public, but one thing we do know is how to make great quality apparel.

We feel that the best way we can make the situation better is to repurpose our skills and supply chain to help people like our families get good quality, well-made masks that they can use every day.