The Six Pack Abs Trainer

  • Easy at home workout for your abdominal muscles

  • Able to use anywhere, anytime

  • Build muscle without any effort

  • 30-day money back guarantee

What BMR-FIT does

Creates six-pack abs

BMR-FIT builds up your abdominal muscles without the effort of having to do excersises

Eliminates fat

The devices activates muscles and burns fat by sending electrodes into your body

Saves Time

Not everyon has time to workout, BMR-FIT will save you time while still getting a workout in

Creates the dream body

BMR-FIT will give you the dream body you have always wanted with minimal effort

BMR-FIT The Six Pack Abs Trainer



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  • Save up to 60% off

  • Comfortable & Safe

  • Guaranteed results

Ideal for people who can't do ab training

Practically! You can wear the BMR-FIT whenever you want, because it is invisible under your clothing: during home work, at work or just during leisure. With just 20 minutes a day you can create your own six pack abs.

Also ideal  for people who suffer from back or lumbar pain and therefore cannot do abdominal muscle training.

Real Reviews from Real People

Max White

The BMR-FIT helped me out so much with my ab development! I have lower back issues and couldn't train my abs anymore but this still gave me the workout i needed and helped me loose fat!

Melissa Burke

Although i still don't have the six pack yet the BMR-FIT helped me out tremendously with losing fat and creating stronger abdominal muscles!

Hollie Kennedy

I absolutely love love the BMR-FIT, i've lost so much fat around my waist since i started using it and my abs already feel a lot stronger and more apparent then they were before!!

BMR-FIT The Six Pack Abs Trainer