Adjustable Glasses by Talory™
Adjustable Glasses by Talory™

Adjustable Glasses by Talory™

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Award winning innovation

The Beaumeau™ Adjustable Wonderglasses are the latest innovation in the field of optometry, the glasses are the solution for major problems such as the slow deterioration of vision which makes people need new spectacles every time and the constant changing of spectacles when they both have short and long distance vision deterioration.

Each lens has a diopter range from -7.0 to +4.0, so you can fine-tune the magnification.

High quality

✔ Scratch resistant & non-reflective
✔ Shock & Break proof
✔ Water & dirt repellent
✔ Dust repellent & easy care
✔ Contrast increasing & fatigue free

No need for new glasses

The Beaumeau™ Adjustable Wonderglasses take care of the problem that you need a new pair of glasses when your vision has deteriorated. The clever mechanism that allows you to change the strength of the glasses only takes a turn of the knobs and you can see well again.

No more changing glasses for reading and distance vision

Because the glasses are adjustable, you no longer have to change glasses every time you need to read or see from a distance. This is done in a few seconds by turning the buttons.


The glasses have very strong, shock-resistant lenses and a flexible design so that they do not break as quickly as normal glasses. So you don't have to worry about the lenses breaking as soon as the glasses are dropped.