Automated Swab by Talory™
Automated Swab by Talory™
Automated Swab by Talory™

Automated Swab by Talory™

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Optimize your cleaning routine!

When it comes to everyday tasks, there’s no way around. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to do it the hard way. Mopping the floors costs lots of energy and strains your whole body. Time to do it the smart way! Has been optimized to avoid exhaustion and make the whole process a lot easier - in every respect.

More than just a swab

The rotating head with its flexible x-shape allows you to reach difficult areas - no more dust and dirt behind the couch, all the corners are perfectly clean. With its ergonomic design, you don’t have to bend down when mopping. Your back is relieved and much of the energy you may need for later tasks (or just a chill evening) is spared.

Innovatively easy

Wringing out the mopping cloth is an effort that can be avoided. Hard to believe? It’s simple: Just push the button on the handle! The swab head will contract itself like a robot arm and wring the cloth out. This way, you won’t have any contact with the dirty water - thus protecting your hands and keep them nice and clean.

Tired of basic? Try advanced!

The automated swab is not just a swab, but basically a whole set. Included are two microfibre cloths, which are designed to fit the head and function in sync with this innovative device. The cloth from our production line is suitable for almost all floor surfaces (parquet flooring, laminate, ceramics etc), as well as for wet and dry cleaning. The grip is not only ergonomically designed, but is made from premium stainless steel - thus providing for durability and convenience.