Beercan Top Opener
Beercan Top Opener
Beercan Top Opener
Beercan Top Opener

Beercan Top Opener

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Transform your beer and soda cans into drink cups!

As everybody knows, opening soda and beer cans can be very frustrating and inconvenient to drink out of. It would be ideal if you could still drink out of them without having to pour them into a glass.

The beer can top opener is the tool you need for those fun parties and drinking games or just for a regular chill where you want to have a drink.

The innovative design of the can opener safely takes the top of the beer can without leaving any dangerous sharp edges, making it like a perfectly filled cup to comfortably drink out of.

Enjoy your drink to the fullest by removing the top, so the aroma of the drink can enhance the flavor as if you were to drink out of a regular glass.

The Beercan top opener is very easy to use and portable so you can easily take it anywhere you go whenever you need to.


  • Material: ABS
  • Thickness: 1.5cm
  • Round inner diameter: 5cm
  • Outer diameter length: 6cm * 10cm


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