Cleaner Ball
Cleaner Ball
Cleaner Ball
Cleaner Ball

Cleaner Ball

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Say bye to all the dirt, fluffs and crumbs in your pockets and bags with our cleaner ball

This innovative small cleaner ball has been designed to clean out small pockets and bags from all kinds of crumbs, fluffs, lint, dirt, sand etc.

With it's small and extremely light design it's the perfect cleaner for all kinds of small spaces. It's 100% recyclable, washable, smaller and lighter than a golf ball so you won't notice a thing.

How does it work?

  1. Out of the packaging, into the pocket with the clean ball.

  2. When rummaging through, it simply holds onto any dirt it finds.

  3. Clean the clean ball? Simply press the edge and open the outer sphere.

  4. Rinse with a drop of washing-up liquid under warm running water and put it back in place.


The best way to clean your pockets, bags and backpacks

Bye bye dirt, sand, crumbs, tobacco, dust, lint and lint. You have nothing to look for in our bags! With the sticky core and the stable exterior, the only 3.5 centimeter small and 16 gram light cleaning ball cleans every pocket. 

Just by carrying around and rummaging around, the cleaning ball rolls back and forth in bags, pouches and handbags and grabs all sorts of dirt particles in the process. Once enough has been collected, it can be pushed on with a simple click, the inner ball washed off and reinserted. 

How awesome is that! So much cleaning magic - 100% recyclable and completely silicone-free.


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